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Guide: setup and functions

This section explains how you connect QuickBooks Online to and shows all basic functions of it.

1. Connecting your QuickBooks Online to

You can connect it from Sign Up/In function on this website or from your QuickBooks apps store (

On this site you can either press SIGN UP/IN in the top right hand corner or the button "Connect Your QuickBooks Online" on the main page.

You may be directed to use QuickBooks authorisation form to sign in to QuickBooks Online first:

After you will see a form to start the connection. Just press Connect for your invoices data to start syncing between QuickBooks Online and

After the connection you will be taken to your Account page, which is available for both mobile and desktop view.

2. Account Page
The account page has two different views - desktop and mobile.

If you open it on desktop you will see a QR code, scan it to enter your mobile app.

On this page you can change settings for unpaid invoice reminders to your customers, namely day, message and grace period.

You can only set one day of a week, for now. If you need to be more persistent - just change the day for tomorrow and the app will send mobile notifications on that day for overdue items.

You can also manage your payment plan and see a history table, breaking down your monthly service.

On a mobile device you will get the following Account page:

All your settings are inside the app. So please just tap the icon and follow the instructions to install the app to your home screen.

3. First Invoice Delivery starts working right away for customers who have a mobile number in your Customer's table. We check if it is mobile with every new invoice and only charge those invoices, which can be mobile delivered.
Every NEW invoice you create for a customer with a mobile number is delivered after initial sync. Notifications for all UNPAID invoices, that match conditions in Settings (days outstanding + day of week), also start being delivered after sync. An example:
Sending mobile invoice always starts with text/sms message with a link. The link opens the web app on the invoice itself. It can be viewed and paid right away, using your merchant account connected to QuickBooks Online. If you do not have a QuickBooks Online merchant account, then payment function will not work. The general design for all invoices is the following:

4. Types of App Users
The app has two types of users -

( 1 ) your business

( 2 ) your customers

The app is designed primarily for your customers. They have INBOX and HISTORY sections. That's what they need to view your invoices in various ways.

You yourself do not need to install/use our mobile app, for to work properly. But if you do, you'll see an extra section - Outbox. That's where ALL your invoices are (not just mobile sent), and that's where you can perform such important actions like "Share Invoice", or send reminders, or see who opened you invoice and who did not. As an example, you could share it to customer's WhatsApp or
Telegram, right from your own smartphone. Also, if yourself you are a customer of some other business using - your Inbox and History will be filled with their invoices to you.

5. Working in App

5.1 Saving the app

When you customers open the txt/sms invoice link, they will be first prompted to save the app to their phones, without app stores or downloads in just 2-3 screen taps.

Later, when they launch an app from an icon (not from a direct invoice link), they will see the following menu:

5.2 Mobile Notifications

A next prompt asks users to select how to get all notifications from this app:

Here is an Android prompt shown, where a customer can choose messengers or Push into this app. For iOS there are only messengers, for now, with iMessage soon to come. Text/SMS will always be available as safety channel, in case customer's messengers stop accepting.

All further messages are automatically routed to each customer's preferred channel and checks messenger reponses, to make sure it was delivered.

5.3 Inbox for Your Customers

Your customers will see invoices from your company, and any other company that sends them invoices using service. This way your customers always know where to find it.

They can see which ones are new and sort UNPAID, PART-PAID and PAID invoices. Taping any of these opens the invoice itself and allows making a payment through your QuickBooks Online merchant account.

When you tap any of these invoices, you see its details and most importantly Share and send reminders with on tap, as you can see above (the last image of section 3, above).

5.4 History for Your Customers

Your customers are able to see a timeline of all your invoices and a full payments history for each. They can a make a call or drop you an email, right away, if there any questions.

5.5 Outbox - your outgoing invoices

It is similar to Inbox, but for your outgoing invoices. You can see, which ones are Sent (but unopened), Opened, Part-Paid & Paid.

5.6 Profile Screen

You can view and change your payment plan and your desired notification settings. Note that your customers do not see this part of the app.

6. Payment Plans

We offer 2 payment plans, which can be viewed/changed in the app, or on your desktop by signing in from https://billtome. Each plan is FREE for the first month. If you have a personal promo code from an event, you can apply it AFTER you register.

Per invoice fee is only applied to invoices, which we were able to route to mobile. So we only charge for the actual work done, not for all you invoices.

For both plans we charge ZERO, not even a monthly service fee, IF you drop below 10 invoices sent to mobiles using our service in any given month.

Note, that all mobile reminders are always included and unlimited.