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Frequently asked questions
How are mobile invoices sent?
1. When a new invoice appears in your accounting system Bill2me pulls its content

2. Bill2me checks all the phone numbers on file for the invoice addressee to find the mobile/cell phone numbers

3. Then Bill2me sends that person a TEXT SMS message with your name, invoice number and a request to follow the mobile link to view the invoice and pay it.

4. A person receives the TEXT SMS, opens it and is offered to save a mobile access to it
Does a process of me getting the money change?

Bill2me uses your built in payment service provider by QuickBooks Online, meaning a payee uses just the same payment gate and service, but in a mobile way.
Do I pay for automatic reminders? Can I change these reminders?
NO. You do not pay for it, independently on how many and how often you send.

Yes, you can change reminder's text, day of action and type of debt it is applied to.
Why is mobile better than emailing?
The most profound difference comes from the fact, that all social networks and messaging are mobile first. So people react to mobile messages much different compared to emails. The result is tendency to open mobile messages and reminders 3-4 times faster.

The second cornerstone is the ability to make a payment right away, on a mobile screen, right after getting this reminder.
What data is synced between QuickBooks Online and Where is that data stored?
Bill2me only syncs data concerning invoices: content, recipient. This way Bill2me is able to show people their history, balances and calculate appropriate reminding times.

All the data is stored at the US or UK based data center. It is not sold, or used in any other way, except to provide this mobile service and to improve it.
How really FREE is the FREE account? Do I need to change back to it?
As long as you stay within 10 invoices a month, there is neither fixed, nor per invoice charge for your account for that particular month. Even when your plan is selected as PAID we switch to FREE for under 10 mobile /invoices/month.

This FREE account is auto applied for all your months fitting the FREE plan requirement. You need not to worry or do anything.
How often can I change my plan on the paid account?
You can change it in setting every day. Just remember, that for our billing we use the plan active on a day after the last day of your month.
What if I want to disconnect the Bill2me service?
You can use a Disconnect button in your account. Or just drop us an email to [email protected]
How can I turn off PART of my clients from getting mobile invoices?
Unfortunately, at the moment this is not directly possible. However

1. You can delete the mobile phone number from client's profile and paste it to notes, or other field. After the next sync Bill2me will erase the number and stop sending. If user allowed Push, it will still be sent.

2. You client can turn off reminders from the Bill2me app, which is opened in browser or icon from every Bill2me txt message.

3. You can contact us and we will be able to manually disconnect mobile invoicing for some of your clients.
Your question is not on the list?
We will answer it as soon as we can. Please try the online chat available on this site or drop us an email to [email protected]
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